Omg miss eating there!!!!!!! God bless the USA.

I wish it could always be Friday, no doubt, my favourite day of the week. Except now that school has extended hours so it doesn't make much of a difference just as yet, but still!!! The anticipation of the weekend plus the food! Friends, just the company alone, chitter chatter, shopping, pix...And going to church on Friday night and Sundays. Today I have ba kut teh for dinner, but it was disappointing. I spent a few hours in the hair salon getting my hair coloured to jet black since my greys were getting pretty obvious :( I was like some guiena pig I swear, like one of the girls never dyed anyone's hair before so I had like 4 people around me. 2 learning, 1 teaching, 1 looking. Then after it was done, two blow-drying. the bush. Interesting much but I'm happy with the very harsh black colour of the hair. And thank God, I didn't have to see the VP today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She was watching basketball, supporting my school. So I saw my english teacher with my dad instead and she is the nicest teacher ever still!!!! And also thank God my dad put in quite a few good words for me heh :) Enjoy your weekend guys. I shall not be bothered by those stupid comments these faceless people have to say. They don't know me so why should I give a fuck about what they say?