Today I had my english oral, still sounding like a tranny. Today, the topic was, "What is one of the businesses you'd like to venture in when you're older". Obviouvly... My own boutique with a mini runway and cafe!!! Today I deposited my cheque from Nuffnang, they're so cute to give away McDonald vouchers. Today I popped several pills into my mouth and now I feel like crap. Today I am officially a member of Lookbook, don't ask why of all days, today, should I post something? Today I looked through my entire shopping list, now I think I am starting to shop my life away. Today, I was supposed to be fasting so that God would answer my prayers but I only remembered I was after I popped something into my mouth..SHIT. Today, everything I ate was tasteless. Today, I am craving for beehoon which I haven't eaten in almost a month. Today my dog was so cute to approach me with her teary eyes staring right at me. Today, my nose and ears are blocked. And I still sound like a tranny.

Today...Ok I gotta run, I have green slimy mucus dangling out from my nose....FML.