Warzone Clearance Part 1

My days are starting to get longer and longer, lessons are now extended by another hour and I have never felt more drained out from school. I am currently working on a whole new look to everything, and that includes my life, I hope you'll be patient with me and give me some time to get everything fixed up. I'm always here, but then again, I'll be back soon. People who know me should get what I mean.. And we all heard about the crisis Thailand is facing right now, what is wrong with the world? First person now down. I'm thankful I went last week before all the drama but it saddens me one of my favourite places in the world is at such a state, I'm keeping my fingers crossed and saying a little prayer tonight. Anyway for now, save my depleting bank account..This is just part 1.

#1 Sailor tee (PENDING)
Brand new
Fits Uk 6 to 8, 15.5" ptp 25" down

#2 Kitty for chew
Freesized, slouchy!!
Brand New

#3 Kutie pie polkadotted romper
Freesized , Fits All
Measures 15.4'' Ptp , 29'' Down
Fits UK 6/8 , Brand New

#4 Grey Kitttttty For Chew ( V.2 ) Top / Tunic
Freesized , One Size Fits All
Measures 15.4'' Ptp , 30'' Down
Fits UK 6-10 , Brand New
Worn tuck in with high waist for ultimate steeze


#6 Sailor Tunic (PENDNG)
17" ptp, 26" down
Worn once, perfect condition

Please direct everything to chanceuponlove@gmail.com

For a friend:

Chanel Inspired Tote
Way nicer than those you see around in Bugis or Fep
Length Across (TOP): 14.5" across
Length Across(BOTTOM): 12" across
Height: 11.5" down (excluding straps)
Height: 24,5" down (including straps)
Width: 3.5" across (bottom)
Can't really fit A4, in perfect condition

Contact o0rangelicious@hotmail.com!!!