You Do, You Don;t.

I spend today, finally satisfying my cravings for bee hoon and fried wantons and har gao, with double portions!!!!!!!! And am officially an emo kid for the fact that I did not get that pretty top, or those shoes that I've been dying for. $xxx, I really need those shoes, I really do, I swear I wnated to cry because they were way beyond what I could afford at this time :( Not that expensive but I guess I don't need to tell you how bad I am with money so just do the sums yourself, my bank account is almost dead. I still luv you Dez. Been talking to Mark for abit, now I look back my old archives @ chanceuponlove, I think I have changed a hell lot. From the bush hair to the bob then this, and the way I typed as well was far from different, my attitude towards things. But whatever it is, I know I'm better now as a person. If you've follwed me since those days, and you know me well enough, you'd probably understand why I say that. Good Friday tomorrow, my sis is getting baptized so we'd be going to the beach for the ceremony. And after that, I'm probably going to collect my cd, got the pix from the jelly cam scanned into one Happy Good Friday you people!