Quite a day today:
A) Pontian mee yumz
B) Saw Dez, yay. Miss u.
C) Night at the Museum 2, laughed my butt off.
D) Left a top at the cinema. Now I need to either call them up to see if they have it or pay Leanne back, sighh broke =( Me and my carelessness, sorry bwabbie, really sorry.
E) Bought Macaroons for myself and Clara. Raspberry and Dark Choco, yumyumz.
F) Got a 'facelift' from a few drunk caucasians on the way to the bus stop. Amazing.
G) 12 straight hours in my Steve Maddens, imagine that.
H) I can't believe I am emo-ing, really, how long more is this gonna last? I can't take it that we've been so close, so comfortable that we've allowed so much to happen and now, the worse it has ever gotten. 7 days and counting..
I) Chinese O's in 9 days, haven't started preparing at all so am going semi-hiatus for now.
J) Broke =( and still emo-ing -.-

The Youth Empire ad for VAUNT IV will be up there for awhile, I'm sure it will be a hell of a night and free tix free tix, so tell me everything you love about them! Ok semi-hiatus unofficially begins now, sigh, take care y'all. Updates now and then!