I want this to be over. It frustrates me and makes me go all the way down I can say maybe I'm not okay. But why should it be me all the time and you know that yourself? I can't take it anymore, my heart can't take it, how about you? Are you even affected at all or your life seems a hell lot better without someone like myself? So why are we even reduced to this, we have been through so much. I'm just waiting becaue I am so sick and tired of it being me all the time, I asked you time and time again if you ever understood, now I ask myself if you really did. Do you know the reason behind all those things I've possibly said to you, even if you hated it, even if I hated it, even if it makes you want to pull out of your hair and even if it was deliberate because I had something to put across? I know the things I've said, I don't need any repetition and I may not know how you feel right now but neither do you. Or have you already cut me out of your life just like that? Is this killing you? Because its killing me so much I can scream my lungs out all day, lock myself up in my room, cry everything out and simply just tell myself to get over this. But I've always known it wouldn't end like this, I love you and this is hurting me I've done everything else I could to make it better I know I tried, but I don't know about you. 10 days now and how long more?