Its too easy how someone can direct an attack to a person online without any harm done to themselves. Deleting it like that is just as easy, but I'm afraid somehow not for others. I've thought about this for quite awhile, and its been sometime too since I've started this space. This being something pretty much and sadly unavoidable and has allowed people to take full advantage of such that its starting to get out of hand. Its hard to say this but I've been to other sites where they do get the hate comments like "I think you're very fat and ugly, go and look at yourself in the mirror" and what not, you should know, which brings that person's morale down to an extent that when posting in public communities or just trying her very best to be the most comfortable herself outside, she develops a "I am fat and ugly, please do not comment on my face and figure" attitude towards herself. Also allowing others around her to know that its a mindset she will not change. Fishing for compliments many would think, even I myself at times but we cannot deny the fact that these are the people who feel like pure shit. I guess for myself, its been more or less the norm for me now that I am almost but not completely unaffected.This is just a fact and nothing to hide. I have chosen to feel immune to it 90 percent of the time because it somehow drives me forward to show them I have something to prove and nothing's stopping me so no use feeling the pain. All the more, they're just yet another faceless anonymous afterall who are no better off themselves. Its them who should be taking a look in the mirror. But anyhow, c'mon girls, we can do better than this. Just say whats supposed to be said and leave the rest to yourselves, unless you love these comments so much it gives you joy and makes you want to lift your feet high up in the air then I have nothing to say. You may say "Yeah, I am totally lovin it" but deep inside how much actually? How far can you actually go? I am more than positive we can turn this all around by lifting each other up at any time. Its all really up to you, so how would you feel? Think about it won't you?