A few pix from my cam Hosanna and I took while Cat was shooting. So tired, started early in the morning and to think we couldn't sleep the night before because we spent at least over an hour talking about food. And getting excited for our lunchtime. Typical us, very!! I loved the balloons from the shoot today too much, my fantastic idea and all my research paid off!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How much do you luv me man. But when I wrote on them to let them go, the stupid wind didn't allow my precious balloons to fly up to heaven but instead reached the stupid ceiling outside Far East.. Ugh bloody hell. Other than that, I really can't wait to see the pix from the shoot teehee.

Its a wrap!

I caught The Ramen Girl as well with my aunt today, it was good, left me just craving for more expensive ramen (One bowl with meat = $20+++). But worth every single cent. Then I went to have a jog in the evening on my own to kill all the thoughts flooding my head. Thank God it didn't burst. Hope y'all had a good one!