I'm so tired today from so much walking. Seriously, all the shopping! I am dressed in Topshop today (Ha ha how many of you have this top, its everywhere, I can name a handful of people I know who have it, btw thanks Leanne!) and also spent a big bomb there thanks to their addictive 2nd piece 40% off sale and I love my new loots too much :) Now I do not dare to even peek into my bank balance. Other than that, saw some of my favourite people to catch up, caught a glimpse of the longest fashion show outside the Tent, ba kut teh and probably seeing some other very significant people today which left me thinking for abit. Really, how time flies. How was your labour day babies! Gotta catch some shut eye now, need to wake up at 7 for the shoot with Hosanna tomorrow, can't wait to see you kitty!