Thursdays with Mory

Hello, I'm guessing I need to calm down from seriously, too much laughing. So are just a few random thingy things from last weekend taken with my baby! Don't mind the poorly contrasted, I'm too tired from laughing.

*PPS Dress not for sale plz don't email me anymore, I haven't even worn it out yet!!!! Except for the shoot that is.

Let go.

Ceiling -.-

School this week has been driving the hell out of me, I want to pull all my hair out arghhh my physics file with work from the entire year got stolen, theft cases in school just keeps getting higher and higher, a classmate got caned infront of the class yesterday for bullying, he pulled the pants of another classmate's down. Its sad but hilarious cause, he's just spastic...the victim I mean. Then we had to endure 3 full periods on a lecture of compassion pior to that and I really hated my Wednesday but thank goodness Mory came along today, I feel so enlightened and to those who have been happily anticipating, this is way awesome. Especially the parents!!! HAHAHA. I sure hope you have enjoyed today's special edition of Thursday Nights With Mory!!!! Stay tuned ~