Am guessing its gonna be a short two weeks, life has nothing much to offer me at the moment. Ugh, can't wait. Really -.- Plans to do so much are just going to be erased for now, I think I'm just going to get some quiet time on my own. Tomorrow, I hear there's going to be some filming in class for some graduation thingy, my God whats with my teacher she's mad to make us sing some huge song. I bought a muffin tin today, now I can't wait to get my hands on some ingredients and start baking with my new recipes! And they're gonna be big, chunky and cute, double the size of the one above like I've always been doing. Got brown paper, brown envelopes and tape as well. Need to get a few stuff to strike off my shopping list now, including new cam lenses again and some film. Time to take Daisy out to play, its been awhile. And clothes....SIGH. I wanted to ask Sophie to get me a bikini and a dress from the Matthew Williamson collection in H&M but it looks like they're all sold out in London and everywhere else :( Shall carry on happy dreaming about Britain and my hot sex-god. England for vacation next summer on my own? Ah I don't know now. Nitenite.

Note to self: Jet black hair, haircut, $$, mail out packages, chinese practice, speak mandarin, purple.