Yes, Hosanna after a whole long month or so. Lots taken in film, getting Hazel to help me get them scanned (THX! MWAKZ) and tomorrow, we are going to watch Ghost of Girlfriends Past (Still no Hannah Montanna 4 me boooo) and Tuesday make puppets again and have happy sleepovers. I too, shall whip up my very amazing pasta for everyone on Tuesday. Like heaven!


I started my new xiao mimi collection of act cute pix and to date have a few more to add. Clara told me her friend said my hair is a block of shit so she gave me a haircut at Wheelock's handicap toilet with the Paperchase scissors I bought and I was deliberately making weird funny noises since we were in there for so long "PUSH ME HARDER BABYYYYY, YEAH THATS GOOD." Toilet in a mess with tons of hair, everyone knows how massive mine is, its some bushy forest -.- And I had the best soup and macaroons that night.


Because sometimes I think I'm a very funny person, after Sam got me the socks from the counter I pulled them up high, they so remind me of my very spastic classmate...sorry no offence in any way.

And this is how I bowl. The ball is usually so slow it doesn't even reach the end I had to crawl out into the alley to retrieve it -.-

See one of the newer additions to my x!@0 m!m! collection!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

K@w@w!! n3hz55Z teehee

M is for Xiao Mimi which is none other than myself..

Pix from yesterday another time but I had a great time eating my heart out at Ikea, it was quite a feast I must say. Got to see Cat for a good few hours as well, binging into my korean Bibimbab which turned out a tad too spicy for me. And today, serious financial issues I'm facing, had a tiff with my maid and dad on money matters. I need that dress and those shoes and that sweater!!!!!!!!!!!!! :( Only bright thing about today was I had a whole bowl of Marutama ramen to myself and I enjoyed the sermons preached at church today. Oh and I baked a cheesecake for the first time today!!! I'm always baking the same thing so I decided to try something new with my aunt, I hope it tastes good, am only trying it tomorrow morning. And I'm loving my speciality cookies as well, yumz. Hope all of you had a great weekend! Sorry this whole post had to be kinda random but life is random as far as I can say, nothing much to offer, time to start hitting some books.