Puppet & Ramen Day.

Made pasta from scratch today after rushing to get ingredients from the supermarket, thank God for help from my maid despite the nags. And happy that everyone loved it liked Josh, Sam and Hoz and myself.... was greedily poking into Sam's share, wanted to eat Josh's share and lie to him I left evrything at the station so Hosanna was scolding me not to be so greedy -.- Josh drove us to where Pastor Chris was staying to make puppets! So much fun.

Doing the cutting for the body parts...

Trying to fit the nose~


Adding the hair and eyes ~~


Stuffing the arms and the clippers on the yellow foam is actually another head which we glued together with UHU.

Aw Joshy can sew.

Oh yah Sam added a little mustache to the puppet -.-

So extra right.

I was wearing all the fur which is meant for the hair for the puppets, now try imagining me with long hair lulz.

Touch up...luvin the lace!

Then we headed to Marutama where dearest Nat gave us a treat yumyum, been craving for ramen since I watched The Ramen Girl (Did you catch it?!) almost a month ago.

And I was sad and wallowed in self pity munching a Gobi macron then heading out for a jog with Jiaqi the moment I changed when I got home. Need to exercise, regularly but omg it was so bloody tiring I can't see myself doing it again and again every night. Anyhow today has been good, I have pictures from yesterday, Vlara gave me a haircut and refused to watch Hannah Montanna with me. Bowling tomorrow, can't wait to show off my 'stomping on the floor, longkang' skills. Hope all of you guys are having a good week! So bloody broke and wanting this maxi dress but ah whatever this is good, need to start studying. Sorry for the rant!!!!!!!!