Sorry pix are kinda unedited, I'm too lazy to bring myself to get anything done. I should be mugging xcore right now. This week I saw myself at home at home at home and having a swim at the club to work out abit and watching Ellen Degeneres!!!! Chinese's O's were kinda like a mess for me, esp paper 1. Yknow like, your mandarin is already that bad and your worst nightmare that can happen in such an examination is not knowing how to read the topic and understanding the question. My god....it was so horrible and I still didn't finish my essay in the end. Fuck mandarin!!! My whole aim throughout the entire time was like... PLZ LORD I PRAY TOMORROW I GET A C6. IF I DO I WILL RUN AROUND THE AUDITORIUM FOR YOU. Hah c6 -.- Thats what you get for not passing a single test during your 3 and a half years of secondary school life. Other than that, I'm pretty contented with the way things are right now. Everyday dreaming of British sex gods and my all Britain dream whoohooooo. Except for school and the fact that prelims are about 50 over days from now sighh.

Anyway I finally got out of the shithole after such a long time yesterday. It was good! Sherms was very very kind to return my baby (camera lah) to me in perfect condition and carry it for the whole day in the ugly box bag -.- And I chased birds so fun. Then I had a happy gathering to send Tim off and celebrate Sam's birthday with ze youth at Astons which is very overrated ok I don't recommend it in my top food list but for cheap deals, yes. I wanna get started on my food project and show everyone the best foods in spore!!!

Everyone loves the sunnies so you should buy them from me too ~~ 6$!!

Ok toodies this was major self rant thanks for getting to here luv u all!