Totally Spies.

Got to see Ambra for a good 15 minutes of laughter and hugz.

Then the rest of the night with Pongsie and Cammy.

We walked alot.

And sang alot.

And laughed alot.

We played -I forgot the name of the game- But we stuck famous names on our noses or foreheads and had to ask yes/no questions and trying who we are. Its my favourite game ever!

She insisted on being Nick -.-

I thought I was a bunny but Cam and I were accidentally Sesame Street characters.

So cute right.

Then I drew them cards with the leftover slip of paper.

Pong was being such a kid lulz. But ok thx pong luv u still!!

Each card had a heart yay.

My chinese fail.

I hope tomorrow will be a good day. Tired like I've never been before in days.