Just an update: I hope all of you had a good weekend, I'm pretty much going to lose my life this entire week with prelims starting tomorrow and knowing how I still haven't gotten started on work. Sorry life doesn't have much to offer me at the moment, I want to shop so bad, go out have fun and take tons of pictures :( Today, I tried dried lizards like OMG so gross but I was at tuition and the teacher told me that if I ate 4 pieces, everyone else would have 50% off their tuition fees for today so yeah... I ate it like some hero!! It tastes like sour plums but when it was in my mouth and having the thought of some bloody lizard going down my throat just freaks the hell out of me. It was so funny, my male classmate wouldn't even dare to touch it when everyone else, including myself already eaten it and when we gave him the tiniest piece to eat. He nearly puked, his face all red and his expression was priceless. We were cheering on "BE A MAN BE A MAN!!!!" and applauded once he swallowed it after a good 3 minutes. Ugh, and they had a taste of dried cow's urine (tastes abit like ginger at the first bite I heard) and dried kiwi flavored grasshoppers (Tastes like kiwi, thats it) as well. Excluding that boy and me obviously. Creepy much. What a day doing accounts!!!! Now I need to go off and get started on Venice. Night babies!