I have the most horrible ulcer under my tongue, the size of a little mustard seed (it was two merged into one wtff) and ugh its all swelled up I'm wanna cry out for help. Been awhile since I had such bad ulcers, theres another somewhere on my gum at the chin area I don't know what its called but they are just too painful I can cry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OK so plz tell me your best remedies for horrible ulcers, I'm never rubbing salt after it made my ulcer 3 times bigger the other time, bonjela and taro paste is useless shit, have applied...toothpaste(?) and it isn't working either so helphelpheeeeeelpp!! Feel so !!!!!!! and I don't feel any better knowing prelims are in a week, and I have a shit whole of work to get started on,some to be done before this weekend ends. Wish me luck. God save me gahh :(