Too Young, Too Fast

Today was spent at kallynn's playing Guitar Hero where for the first time I hear how can I sound singing hard rock, having Saprino's- San remo (!!), attempting to study my entire physics textbook which obviously failed and now I need to get it done before Tuesday, fucking hell.. then watching Potter on 5. Caught the latest Potter yet? I know the ending was kinda... but I heard its meant to be like that (never read the books) so I liked the movie though I didn't really understand the whole story watching it last night and I screamed at one part, so scary!!!!!!!! Had to grab Hosanna hahah but now I kinda get it, thanks to dearest Hazel who patiently explained it to me today. Oh and did I mention, I think I'm blind or getting there, I keep tripping, fell flat on my knees last night in the Cinema. And with the whole crowd from the YE thingy I could have killed myself..head was pounding by the time movie ended so I ended my Friday night with overcharged cab fares. Hope you had a good weekend babies! Monday is coming, Monday is coming :(