By the end of the month, I usually freak the hell out whenever I see the stack of letters lying on the dining table addressed to my dad. One of which, my phone bill. Oh the horror. Just tell me about it. I’m always texting my friends the whole day. Especially in class when I get so bored during lessons and am hungry so I can’t get to sleep!!!!! My friends and I would discuss via sms what we would eat during recess, and after recess is done, we discuss about lunchtime! I’m also constantly texting all sorts of buyers, otherwise on the line with my friends till wee hours in the morning so I guess its not hard to imagine my dad’s response when he sees my bill! I get so annoyed I swear to God, and we’ll just end up quarrelling which is sooo unhealthy.

But right now thank God for the SingTel Mobile Youth Plans!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can get free unlimited sms to any service provider which means I get to text as much as I want at anytime! Which means I can spam anyone with one word sentences, then irritate the hell out of the person without having to feel the heartache because the sms is too short! Yknow, after all its called the ‘short messaging system’ right, so I should make use of it to the max!! And I get free incoming calls too! So I can talk as much as I want. The best part is that’s not all, I still can enjoy FREE Campus calls from any ITE, Junior College, Polytechnic, NTU, SIM, NUS or SMU with free campus calls to anyone! This will be so useful when I move on to Poly/JC after I graduate! I don’t have to worry about making phone calls to discuss about school work or what we’re having for lunch or dinner or how I’m trying to bug my friend to eat ba kut teh with me and describing every detail of this heavenly goodness to her!! These small little calls accumulate to so much and end up like a bomb!

There is more! I get an endless list of freebies including FREE 3 months Caller ID, 3 months AutoRoam, 3 months SMS Plus, 24 months Voicemail, 60 days BroadBand on Mobile Lite so I can now keep in touch with everyone so easily! Go on FML whenever I’m bored, check my gmail, tweet every now and then, blog-hop and call my friends to like “OMG DID YOU SEE HER LATEST POST???!!!!!! She’s such a poser so irritating right…..” and bitch all day! Bitching should ALWAYS be FOC right! We all know how much this can cost up to so having them free for such a period of time is just way way awesome!

NSF? Fret not! If you're bored and miss your best friend or girl friend that is in the other side of Singapore and want to talk to your buddies at night, now you can for absolutely free of charge! Now Sam and Tim can call me and we can talk all night, I’ve missed them so much since they got enlisted into the army. Hardly get to see them, so much catching up to do!

You can find out much more about the SingTel Mobile Youth Plan at!

This can’t get any better. SingTel is launching The Best Youth Promo in Galaxy Ever. You stand a chance to win fabulous prizes when you recommend the SingTel Mobile Youth Plan to your friend! Just some of these prizes include... a 13” MacBook!!!!! An iPhone 3G(S) 16GB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A one year movie pass!!!! Imagine watching all the movies you like for free for a whole year! 12 months free subscription for Mobile and BroadBand on Mobile Youth plans! And not forgetting, a pair of Formula One Tickets at Bay Grandstand for each person! Referrer & referee! All prizes come in a quantity of 2, for you and your friend! Whats more, if the friend you referred has successfully signed up for STM Youth Plan, you will get to pocket $20 shopping voucher and your friend will get $50 off on any 3G/3.5G handset. So the more friends you recommend, the more vouchers you can get!! You should so totally check out now to learn more about this!!!! (Promotion Period: 1 Aug to 30 Aug)

I’ve never seen any plan like this before, all that generosity with so much freebies and dream prizes on top of that! Everyone who knows me well enough should know I easily get excited over this kind of stuff, I can’t wait to switch plans!!! there\'s also the SingTel BroadBand on Mobile Youth Plan. Now you can live Life online! For more information, check!