Sweater, Topshop, shoes, Korea.

Been pretty much in love with everything knitted right now! Sweaters, cardigans yada yada. I know the weather here can be such a bitch but everything in the name of vanity! I am willing. My eyes caught on the most amazing boyfriend blazer last week for about $2xx and I can't get my mind off it I think about it day and night, seeing myself strolling down town with my british sex god carrying all my shopping bags, wearing it with my soon-to-be-mine-ok-not-very-soon-but-definitely-going-to-be-mine Chanel pumps whoohoo!! I feel like stealing money from my dad but it bugs me so I can't do it. I'm already in debt..... the only person who can save me now is my aunt in London!! HI AH E I KNOW YOU'LL READ THIS PLEASE REMEMBER THE BLAZER WHEN YOU REACH LONDON AND BUY IT WHATEVER THE COST!!!!! (Let me know if you don't so i can think of something before it sells out) Looks cheaper in pounds ^^ Luv you miss you kiss you. See I bold this for you! These are my confessions, of... I don't need to say that word we all know it. Trust me, I'm guilty for probably everything which is already within my means to get stuff, which is whyI'm not going to allow myself to steal from my dad again. Anyway, before I end this, this is the reason why I think I'm mad:

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