My aunt flew back from Paris yesterday morning and I was so excited to receive Sophie's package!!!!! (She met her and her dad over a lunch in London to discuss Spore and everything else!) And eat the macaroons she bought of course. The package was full of surprises for me, here are just some of my very few favourites :) Necklace from Urban Outfitters and ring from.. some Uk brand. Heehee luv you Sophie, reply my email!

I'm not much of a book person but I've been reading to occupy myself. I just finished reading The Gatecrasher Hannah lent me and now I'm starting on The Kite Runner. Reading The Secret here and there for some motivation and hahah I want another of Sophie Kinsella's book I saw at the bookstore 2 weeks back. I seem to be just making myself read because I don't want to think of too much stuff I've been brooding over recently. And ahhhh I haven't watched UP! Everyone's nuts over it, telling me how adorable and great it is. I feel so.. behind lulz.

Oh and I need tips!!!!!!!!! On how to lose the fat near your armpits like you know if you wear a tube you don't want to have a mini muffin top flowing out. My exercise has been just making myself miserable, after jogging for a few minutes today, I was in so much pain I thought I was going to faint so after hiding in the toilet to rest (I'm like that I tend to hide haha) I headed home and now its way past midnight I am hungry thinking of Fish & Co's platter which I really must have tomorrow or I think I will die (Funny now I don't crave for hk cafe's pork rib bee hoon and fried wantons anymore its all about Fish & Co) and I just ate kueh lapis, chips, a caramel macaroon and drank bird's nest. Sinful =( I need to lose weight!!!! I am so not going to complain about oooh I'm fat blahblahblah because on a whole I don't think I'm fat I just need to start toning my body (My flabby areas disgust the hell out of me) at the rate I've been eating, but the fact is I've gained about 8 keelos in 2 years...MY LORD 8 KEELOS. Yeah I used to be underweight but my current weight is totally totally unacceptable in my opinion!!!!!!! I can't go past xx!!!!!!!!!! And now I'm just way past it. Ok so sighsighsigh pizz out goodnight sorry for whining.