Hi Cammmmy!!!!!! In case you are wondering why you're seeing this in my blog is because I am thinking of you now now now thanks for all your comfort and everything, can't wait to see you soon, I love you! Mwakz. And I was at your livejournal then I remembered I was your post of lists and because I'm extremely bored right now I'm going to do one of my own too!!! Sorry i didn't read through anything in your list ah so if theres anything that is the same don';t come after me hahah. Ok if you mind I will make sure I turn your armpits into a hairy forest HAHAHA since you said everytime you look at your armpits you are reminded of me wtf at least I'm thankful I'm not Pong because... HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

11 things I would love to do right now:
1. Have a nice day at the beach and having a picnic with my britsh sex god. Then we fly to Paris!
2.Fall really ill and get mc for the rest of the week WHOOHOO
3.Shop till I really drop
4. Go shopping in Ikea and revamp my room!
5.Take tons of polariod photos heehee
6.Be in South Africa on a safari expedition and visit Capetown!
7. Build a home in Africa for the poor and sick =(
8. Fast forward time and go to post O's!!!!!
9. Photoshoot!
10. Remove my braces
11. Smile and laugh like I've nevre laughed or smiled before, like I really mean it and without having to worry about tomorrow

15 things I would love to have:
1. My british sex god
2. For my aunt to get me the email of that cute guy she met in england from her aunt heeheehee (FASTER LA!!!!! You make him sound so ~ahhhhhhhh~ and yet you want me to wait another 12 weeks before giving it to me if you even get it..)
3. A big long tight hug =(
4. Long wavy pretty jet black hair
5. 10 million euros in my bank account (Million enough, not billions- thou shalt not be greedy)
6. Blackberry + Bags from Balenciaga + Lv + Miumiu+ Alexander Wang+ the pumps from Ferragamo & Chanel & my Prada Wallet + Acne Wedges + Erin Wasson x RVCA dress....(Sry am really quite greedy)
7. New cam + lens + the -insert some vintage film camera which I forgot the name of-
8. A cocker spaniel puppy named Birkin and a fluffly kitty called Miumiu lulzzzzz
9. C6 for chinese O's =(
10. Walk in wardrobe
11. My own magazine shoot hahah. My dream k =(
12.A sharper nose
13. 10cm taller
14. My own boutique with mini cafe + mini runway (ALLY AND VI NO BEEHOON ALLOWED INSIDE)
15. The people I've lost before make into my life with no more regrets, just happy people doing happy things
16.People around me to be happy even if I can't be a part of it

20 things I have to do asap:
1. Find my british sex god
2. Make things right with God and a few people
3. Study study study + MEMORIZEEE all my textbooks
4. Eat california pizza
5. Dye my hair
6. Lose 5kg
7. Work out and get my dream body
8. Make something out of myself and prove it to those bastards out there I'm not a joke
9. Do something to this blog!!!!!!!!!
10. Earn $$$$, save $$$$
11. Clear my debts
12. Eat ramen
13. Reply Sophie's email!!!!!!
14. Book air tix for me and Cam zzz (DID YOU ASK YOUR DAD ANOT CAMM)
15. Finish my last quarter of The Kite Runner
16. Buy Sophie Kinsella's book
17. Watch Gossip Girl from start to finish, and maybe get myself into Korean dramas to occupy myself
18. Stop thinking too much
19. Be content and happy
20. Go 2 bed