Sophie just called!! And she just booked the tix to Singapore!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I AM SO EXCITED. Today has been pretty great, church was good, lunch was awesome (Fish & co seafood platters ftw!) and spending about half the day at Ztamp with Regina, trying out what its like to be actually working there for a day. It was so boring at some point but I loved hanging clothes and putting the clothes into the paperbags for the customers, Ikr!!!! -.- I should just go to NTUC and work as a cashier. Apparently I used to love cashiers as a child and always wanted to be one, I felt as if it was so cool to be scanning the items then pushing the square buttons on the machine and getting everything into the bags. It was so fascinating watching the cashier auntys hahah. So I would go home, bring the wireless keyboard to my room and play cashier on my own with my toys! Anyway, I had tons of fun also mopping the floor at Ztamp running from the entrace to the cashier again and again and dancing with it HAHAHAHA ahhh I want to work there some day!!!!!!!!! And we had some fun webcamming with Sophie in England, running around Far east to shops for quick shopping (really running because we had to pull down the shutters for abit) and me and my crazy bladder problems, making stupid poses in the shops, bitching about galzzzzZz, bubble tea 2 cups with one straw, running to Wisma and Ion after closing the store to check out a few shops and just happy chit chats, I think I'm mad honestly. Great time catching up with you, Regina! Pix in a bit, updating soon!