Sometimes I feel nobody listens to me, even my dog. Like when I ask her to "come here" she refuses and just stares blankly at me or ignores me. Or she comes, but stops barely half the distance from where I'm at. I tried to discipline her today, I smacked her abit, I used the cane to scare her and make the loud stroking sound blahblahblah and a tiny smack (Too kind and soft-hearted me lulzz) because she had her treats scattered all over the floor SHE HATES IT. Then I isolated her in a corner but she escaped less than a minute later when I returned from the loo, she didn't seem bothered by me at all or anything I had just done to her. My lord... what kind of dog is this? I ask myself that at times. She seemed pretty amused by my masks this evening, so I took this video of her hahah you QT pie can't believe you're ten, luv you still (though you don't love your useless owner boo).