My days go by just like that, I'm always daydreaming. It pretty much sums up my life right now, everything is just a dream but feels yet so real at the same time. I don't wish to be lying to myself forever but I'm definitely at my best and lovin it, keeps me going 24/7! Maybe this is all about the most underrated catch: Believe in yourself, and your dreams. Guess this space has been going on pretty slowly, not like how I hope it could turn out to be. Still, thanks to each and everyone of you who have been following me through this past year. I made my first post here last August on a Monday evening I remember. And its been what a year, from the ups to the downs. Time really flies, so with the cruel exams in just over 5 weeks, I expect this space to be going slower. So many plans for after that, be patient with me and I promise you sick fun and tons of adventure! Makes me smile to myself thinking about it right now. Wait and you'll see! Now, off to bed soon. Sweet dreams all!