Allybabe's Early 17th

I get a handful of hours of sleep on friday night, kicking non stop....weird dream much? But somehow I thought I was awake. I still think I was. I always dream of the weirdest things. Waking up at 10 this morning and caught Gforce on 3D...for $13 bux which is stupid because it was a stupid show. Sneaking in subway into the theatre and only to find out while I was happily munching on my cold cut trio, the sauces got all over my Ralph Lauren tote....ah sigh! I spend the entire afternoon baking cuppies for the birthday girl and had a great dinner at Fish&Co. I'm ordering peri-peri prawns next time, MY GOD I CAN LIVE ON PRAWNS. Its Sunday tomorrow, which means school on Monday. Gah time to really start getting my butt stuck onto my chair. Hope all of you babies had a good day :) Nitenite sleep tight!