Before the whole thing my shoes were squeaky clean.

Really overwhelming for a first..looking at the girly me I even told Pong pigs would fly if she'd ever see me at a mosh pit, guess I was wrong about that but everything was so insane from condoms blown up thrown about like a little balloon, deodorant powder everywhere round and round, being dragged, pushed, pulled, gasping for air, choked, some random guy's sweat right in your face, being stepped on a trillion times, insoles become like some bloody sandcastle, running round and round for stupid cabs, accidentally offended some cab driver by slamming on the door. The most painful thought is still my shoes (HEARTACHE) I hope they turn out ok or I will cry myself to sleep. I'm in debt... and now there is more trouble because my phone bill just came in the mail. The calls to the Uk, the internet, checking my email and everything, sucks to be me sucks to me. Guess I'm just going to look forward to breakfast tomorrow, prawn mee yum! The think of a solution and a nice excuse to get my dad to pay my bill ugh. OK I think I'm going to scrub my shoes for abit now, night!