That day Sheryl and I had a great lunch, ramen and cha siew gohan!!!!!!! After all this while we've been having our past midnight crazy food safari imagination on msn. No matter who I'm out with, I'm really glad I always get to learn something new about that person. And I can't believe when people ask her how I'm like in person, she replies "Retarded...." HAHAHAHA. Ok guess I am pretty retarded after all! I do really weird things and think of the most amusing things which just keeps me....amused!

We ended our day with song and dance, busking under the tunnel! Whoohoo luv my imaginary guitar. I met Regina after that where we had a failed attempt of studying chem. She was supposed to tutor me since I knew absolutely nothing when it comes to regard with my chem textbook. I don't even know whats an ion or the defination of an atom. Bet you're thinking I'm pretty dead with O's in 5 weeks!!!!!!!!!! We ended up having char kway teow, hokkien mee and yam paste for desert! Played bumper cars at the pasar malam, got the entire thing to ourselves! I couldn't control my car, had a ton of fun, laughing non-stop. The kids who were queueing got rather amused by us. Love pasar malams, cheap thrills, the food and everything!!!! But I must say I thought our bumper car rides were pretty expensive at $6 per person. Need to hit the sheets now, gonna start planning my new diet! (Healthier..) Night! More pix in a bit :)