Comforting Sounds.

Hmm after my massive wake up call to my diet, I can't believe we actually ordered the most sinful burger we've ever set our fingers on. 13 cm?! Fried onion, fried beef patty, tons of cheese and bacon! Hahah we took out our veggies. Oh god, it was so good! Need to try the wagyu beef burger next! Nothing beats great beef!

Then we had Mango gelato for desert! Mine got all puked out in the end :(

I love quiet and relaxed nights like these, just happily having a nice laugh over dinner and enjoying the company. Feel like baking cheesecake and cookies this long weekend! I'm currently going through a phase, extremely zoned out, don't wish to do anything but day dream and sleep, school is a waste of time I'd rather spend my time at home. Tons of work to start on!! :( Screw MOE. Seriously. Been reading Confessions of a Shopaholic AGAIN hahah guess I'm just too bored but Sophie Kinsella never fails to make me laugh in her books!