Knitted top, Topshop, wedges, Aldo, rings, everywhere and anywhere.

Spent the night in an empty mall, jumping and skipping around. Sick fun! Had cheap buffet for dinner to supposedly celebrate 'me' but guess our diet pills killed our appetites. Feel so tired, aching from head to toe. Tomorrow shall be yet another self-proclaimed holiday for me, gonna make my way down to the dentist. Fucking annoyed with the results of my teeth. Argh hope it all gets better tomorrow, no more delays fingers crossed! 5.5k and this is the shit i get.........yuck! Happy watching F1 tonight everyone! Ah and I shall express how much I luvluvluv Lindsay Lohan, since she was a cute little kid with her red hair and freckles, I used to dream of winning contests where you get to spend a day with your favourite celeb and lindsay was at the top of my list! Ha ha I get so amused with myself at times, really.