I never knew pearls could be red to be honest, or in fact in any colour!!!!! Maybe I'm just slow but I think they taste weird. Josh says they taste like chicken which I think is hilarious. So that day we went to give him a visit at the hospital, poor thing has to wear a neck cast for the next 6 weeks :( And its sooo uncomfortable, to think I actually tried the softer version which is supposed to be more comfortable. We got so bored and I decided to apply some make-up for Josh!!!!!!!! We were the noiest visitors I bet, I would start prancing about in the ward. And taking tons of photos whenever the nurses weren't looking because they were all strict with the no photos thing. Anyway, I add mascara on his lashes, some eye shadow but he kept moving so HAHAHAHA and tons of blusher!

HAHAHAHAH Josh you look like a tranny!!!!!! Sigh I wish I could have my own stay at the hospital hahahah then it would be all emo and people would visit and hold my hands and be like "Oh mel, why did you do this to yourself... please don't do it again, you scared me I thought I was going to lose you" then burst into tears. I used to imagine myself so sick in the past or attempting suicide then when I wake up I'm in a hospital ward where my lover has his fingers clutched around mine, head down and what not. And the atmosphere would be all solemn. Or I was depressed and would keep crying. But in the end I enevr really dared to do it because I felt as if no one would turn up at the ward when I woke up and I'm just making myself more miserable. Yeah I know, I think I'm mad as well but guess thats just me.

Was really too bored and had nothing else to do so went abit crazy hahah. Neck cast was too big for me so I stuck a bottle at the back then I realise it was sooo uncomfortable even without the bottom, ah get well soon Joshyy!!!!!! At least you're discharged now!

Anyway, today I was sick like really sick for the first time this year, I dragged myself to the clinic ALONE and wait and waited and felt sooo horrible I just wanted to go home and get sleep. I wasn't really very sick but it was bad enough. So I got 2 days mc which made me so happy because I've skipped school so many times this year and my letter of excuse would be either "Melody's gastrics acted up again and was unable to turn up for school, she has taken antacids" or "Melody had a headache today and rested well at home and will be back to school the next day" otherwise I'd force myself to puke and act sickly in front of my dad so I could visit the doc to get an mc and fake that I've had severe pains in my stomach. So obviously I was estatic when I got a genuine mc of 2 days!!! Genuine because I was really unwell!!!!!!!!!!!! And because I had a slight fever for the first time this whole year... its so hard for me to fall ill, I wish I could get sick more often honestly. I remember how I wanted to skip camp last year so immediately after I got home at midnight from the airport, I took a cold shower, then without drying myself, ran to my room and stood naked on a chair in front of my air conditioner. In the end I was fine through camp and only got a bad headache after the whole thing ended. Funny much? So yay no school tomorrow, giddy spells now goodnight world! Oh before I forget, today I ordered a subway meal for the first time haha I never knew it was so good until Kallynn ordered it that day so yummmmy, love the cold cut trio with green peppers, lettuce, cheese, onions, honey mustard and sweet onion sauce! Craving for it real bad now hmmm =(
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