Masquerade masks & biker tights.... hmm new adventure up next? Am THIS close to my dream bag, can't believe I can make a scene out of a bag, phone calls and text messages since I didn't have enough cash with me but I've secured it in my name now since I had enough for the deposit! It might not seem like a big deal since I already have it in black but I've been lusting over it for so long and it was my first dream choice a year or so back and and and LV doesn't retail it anymore so I had to get my hands on this first before I could bring myself to think about others like Balenciaga orProenza Schouler blahblahblah. AH LUST DAMNIT. But I guess even when people call you crazy, unreasonable or what not, at the end of the day, the bag is yours, you smile in your sleep, you can finally stop dreaming about you walking down the street carrying it in your favourite outfit, you don't care what people say or feel, its about you now, its about how YOU feel. And its a great feeling, especially when it comes from your hard-earned money then you walk out of the boutique so broke but you feel so satisfied you're all smiles, happily skipping around with your huge paper bag! You go home, polish the bag, smooth it to sleep, kiss it, smell it, smell the leather.....ahhhhhh perfect. Okay, I didn't exactly get all excited like I did when I got my first after I paid my deposit today cause I felt a little bad but my point is, now I'm so excited, I cna finally BREATHE, I can smell it, I can see it in my wardrobe, I can see me, carrying it, and touching it like never before because its finally mine. Lord I thank you for today, you have answered my prayers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It may be something material and not exactly all holy but Lord you still answered my prayer I prayed that very night a year and a half ago and I'm just so close so close and I can finally bring my bag home!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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