-I'm On major hiatus. 20 days...oh my fucking god this is scaring the hell out of me.
- Dad has finally allowed me to stop going to school for the next 2 weeks so I can study on my own and so far so good! I camped at Mcdonalds till 6 this morning before a breakfast of pancakes with tons of butter and syrup, yum! Then took a lift from my aunt on her wya to work.
-I thought her plane from Munich crashed that dat, maybe all the beer from ocktoberfest made the pilot all groggy but she's back safe and sound YAY! Now she's off to Seoul again -.-
-I honestly think its just FATE that the only shoes I ever dream about are now on ebay I was so desperate to get them to the extent that I emailed girls all over the world to sell them to me ha ha but that didn't work and now its on ebay the one and only pair IN MY SIZE!!!!!! Gonna camp all night and refresh the page 1000 times at the last 7 mins!
-I forgot to add that shipping already takes up way more than the original cost of the shoes sigh. And I'm already in debt.
-Every 16/17 year old out there mugging the hell out: You need yoghurt! Topped with fruity pebbles. And tons of fries!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oooh also a comfy hoodie! My say: Salt and pepper hoodie from American Apparel YUM.
Just goodness.
-Goodbye for now!!! Luv y'all, SEE YOU SOON! (L)