Today we started with some ice cream.

Most amazing goodness, Banana with caramelized chips!!!!!!!! Ah heaven ~

Then we headed out for Marutama!

I reserved the very last bowl of char siew gohan just for us, yay me.

I turned into a mop.

Manicure :(

Panties became the latest hair accessory I swear!

See what I mean now?


I won the bid for my dream shoes, so happy for the fact that there were a handful of other bidders and I counted down till the very last second before hitting the "Bid" button and I won!!!!!!!!!!!!! I swear I couldn't even sleep before that, every time my eyes were closed I could only think about how much I needed the shoes and how I couldn't afford to lose. My heart was beating so quickly during the last half hour that it could just jump out of my chest. And the moment I found out I won, ps it was 4 in the morning, I was basically quite a nutcase jumping and prancing around my home in the dark silently shrieking in pure joy. Ah my obsession for shoes!!! Teehee feels great, can't wait to try them on!

Need to mug 24/7 from tomorrow onwards ah wish me luck!!!!!!
Goodnight or should I say, morning?