I've spent all night trying out baking and trying out 2 new recipes- Banana muffins & Orange muffins! Hehheh muffins never tasted this good :) Lunch at Ikea tomorrow, yummm! Hahah and I've made a list of Britsh sex gods I want to marry. Ahhhhhh Danny schwartz!!!!!!!!! LuvluvLUV.

To the strongest person I've ever known, Happy Birthday. These years have been difficult, you've showered your love in an extremely different way for the fact that you've nearly spent half of life in the Army. Stern but yet, able to keep so much inside of you I'm honestly so afraid one day you'll break. I've never got to know how you felt, every time you were upset, you'd be alone in a corner strumming your guitar. You never once complained, having to be in this on your own. Guess you just prayed and left it all to God. You can sometimes the worst person I've ever know, and many things you've done that made me hate you so much but you've also been the best father anyone can ever have. Thank you so much for never giving up even after so long. I don't know how much I can ever thank you but still I hope you like the muffins and happy birthday.