Wedding photos never fail to inspire me and some of my absolute favourite wedding photographers happen to just be Singaporeans. These above have left me speechless at some point I nearly choke, and I must say they come with an extremely hefty price tag. One look and you're lost for words, and the next: Ah I wanna get married! I honestly have no idea if I ever want to (scares me to some extent ha ha) but if I could plan the perfect dream wedding the first thing that pops into my head: Vera Wang and Jimmy Choos! Oh and the dress has to be short and all poofy at the bottom!! Followed by a castle, ponies, carriages, candles. Or maybe a garden party with balloons, fairy lights and the list contines. It will never end I swear! I currently just melted after browsing through the entire album of photos, I've been follwing this group of photographers' sites for quite some time, they're really the best. It was so hard just to even pick these few out of those I've saved in a folder I name "Magix!" that has my favourites. Credits here and here! What is your dream wedding!