Friday surprise

Life might just be about to get boring because I have absolutely nothing to do. Today it was official, my very first Monday and I spent it making a trip down to the dentist, sleeping the entire rest of the day and catching Notting Hill which was rented. I think I can see myself making pretty frequent trips down to the CD store, tons of shows I want to catch. On Friday night, my palz gave me a little belated birthday surprise. Their plan was to initially lead me to think they were going to surprise me at church, in which they didn't and I would be sad and quiet......and right I went home to snuggle up under the blanket with my maid hahah. We ended the night with dim sum and my fav group picture of everyone doing my signature pose. Thank you Sam A, Sam C, Joshy, Kallynn, Hazel, Jiaen, Leonard and my dad for everything! I was genuinely surprised though inbetween depression and expecting it somehow if that makes sense to you.

I have tons of pictures to post but they aren't with me sadly, guess time will tell! For now, I spend my Saturdays having cookouts (My lord the roast chicken and baked potatoes we made that day was heaven and my pasta was...hard but good) and watching probably Gossip Girl from start to finish all over, Sundays in church and afterwhich an occasional visit to Ztamp where Regina's working at. Annnnnnd every other day of the week sleeping in! Plans to paint my nails pink again before getting a proper manicure and might be getting my hair done at the salon tomorrow, wish me luck! Goodnight babies!