This can sum up my very long weekend- I need to keep this space alive while I can!

What I wore on my birthday. I'm sick of my style already.

My fav pic from our shoot!

Birthday Instax.

2 lonely galz at Hard Rock.

123 POSE. Shoot #2

3 in the morning.

4:55am - arranging polariods on my wall.

New panties from topshop + new coat!

11:55pm- surprise!

Saturday brunch- roast chicken with herbs, baked potatoes and pan fried veggies yum.

Current time: 1:40am and I am off to watch The Jane Austen Book Club which I just rented today, Hugh Dancy is too adorable I can't resist, theres always room for seconds anyway! Last time I caught the film was probably a year back. How has your week been going? I spent hours today in the salon getting my hair done while reading Bazzar and Style. Feels like lush now. Can't wait to see you later Dez! I have nothing to wear.

Everything in more detail soon, nitenite!