Used over 3 boxes of film today and ransacked the entire wardrobe . I love everything about fashion and how you're able to express yourself so simply from it and how completely different it makes you feel about yourself, its amazing how it can actually change you like how it did for me a year back. I grew up being extremely materialistic, when I was ten, all I could think about was getting that Burberry skirt at the store display which eventually I waited 2 years for before I could afford one on my own and how I needed that Dolce & Gabbana sweater just because it was Dolce and Gabbana, not for anything else. I remember getting my first Dolce when I was 12 haha, I hate it now it looks horrible to be honest. And now! I am happy to say, I'm happy with all my clothes whatever the price, whatever the label and wherever they're from. Lastly, thank you so much to everyone for all the birthday wishes via sms, phone call, facebook and whatnot. I must say this year wasn't much but you know, I have not dropped a tear because I have to admit the past few years have been really rough for me and I always spend the night before my birthday crying my heart out, wishing endlessly in front of candles for my wish to come true. I haven't exactly blew sixteen candles out this year yet but time flies and I've learnt how to appreciate whatever I have now and I'm more than content. So thanks everyone luv you all!

*ps In favor in my beloved aunt, I have removed the picture of me in the swimsuit and the picture of my panties/butt even though I rlly liked them. Not because of anything else, I know what people might already be saying but this is my space I post what I like to post, you don't control me. And I am completely aware of how my body looks like, I don't need your comments, neither am I affected by it because for once, I think I'm actually comfortable in my own skin.