11th Nov- I am a free bird!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
12th Nov- Happy birthday to muah.
12th to 13th Nov- Ferragamo Private sale (R we going?!!!!!!)
20th Nov- Prommmm.
26th to 30th Nov - Bkk!
3rd to 9th Dec- Bkk!
18th Dec- Sophie's flying in from Heathrow!

And inbetween dates, tons of shoots and fun lovin! Hannah are we doing our picnic you have to make mac n cheeze! I've planned my entire Bangkok itenery, right after we land theres no place else to go except Khao San where we pamper oursleves with road side snacks (Banana pancakes + phad thai ftw!) and chill out at the Sunset bar with 3 plates of my all-time chicken wings plus say Hi to everyone we meet! I can't contain my excitement, my undying love for the land of smiles never fails to keep my giggling to myself at the thought of all the food we're gonna be digesting and the massive shopping. Don't really have the time to travel further beyond that this winter because Sophie's gonna be here for 2 weeks, been over a year since we last met during her stop-over at Spore on her way to Aust! I'm thrilled and now it would be nice if you all could give me suggestions on where I have to take her while she's here! Spore's too small my list of Kopitiams and restaurants and malls aren't enough, I have plans to take her to KL for some shopping and great food so I need more ideas, great if you could help!