It is...extremely hard for me to blog about Prom. I have never really blogged about my school life and school friends because I've always liked keeping that more private and sometimes the fun we have just can't be put into words. It could have easily been the most embarrassing day of my life and I don't want to elaborate on that. Lets just say my 'dance'...OK I wouldn't even call it a 'dance' for god's sake, I looked like I was a drunkard murdering the fellow contestant I didn't know at all because the stupid host mixed everyone up and when we got back to our spot on stage, I stood too far behind and not realising the stupid cheap stage had no proper back so I kind of fell backwards in front of everyone ha ha ha ha yay me but the host scooped me back in time thank god!!!!!!!!!!! I drowned my sorrow eating all the cereal prawns on the table not giving a care how unglam I was. My best friend in school doesn't want me to post any pics so you can try facebook! Love all my school friends ~~ Muah muah muah and thank you Ally for doing my make-up!!!!!!! Loved it, I hate looking too over done.

Anyway, I will be starting a separate site for selling my stuff both brand new and preloved. Will fill all of you in on the details really soon, plz support!!!!!!!!!!!!! Might have a few preorders as well, please tell me what you all would like me to bring in! Tons of stuff to do this week, flying off on Thursday and I am thrilled! Stay tuned bwabbies love you all!