One of my all time favourite bags, chanced upon it at Chatuchak's vintage sect about a year and a half ago, my dad kinda surprised me by getting it for me after he saw me touching it over and over very delicately. Its been under baskets and baskets (those who follwed me back when I was at livejournal should know my obession for baskets!) and boxes of stuff for too long. Guess it needs some fresh air after so long, I love it! Saw the most awesome and fierce but unmistakably painful pair of wedges today which I must get my hands on once I find the funds. Anyone wants to get me something for my birthday? Teehee. Anyway!!!!! I'm nearly free, don't expect myself to do well for any papers or whatever cause I barely studied but I can finally sleep without any worries....except maybe this other pair of shoes.... Thanks for all the well wishes, really appreciate them, don't go I'm back and theres gonna be a heck of fun going on here I promise!