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Past week has felt like me being a tourist all over again, in my home country. We've been so busy just shopping, eating, having fun and by the time we're home, its past midnight we begin our movie marathons before hitting the sheets. My room honestly feels like a hotel at some point with shopping bags all over the place unopened. Its sad we're down to our last 3 days, time really really flies too quickly. I'm sorry I haven't gotten to decide the winner for my Christmas giveaway though its way past that. I will try to do it over this weekend, really sorry but good things have to wait afterall! Feel as if I have 2010 right at my face and now its starting to scare me abit. I don't know whether to be nervous and scared or excited and positive. The other day our cab fare came up to a $20.10, then when I got home I found out my dad had rearranged the christmas lights to a 2010 as well. The next day we were in this little shop and there was a $20.10 sale. How....interesting. Time for some new year resolutions, wish me luck! Ciao!