Would absolutely love to post pictures from my day but Pong's card reader doesn't work with my memory card :( Well anyhow, us three are happily chilling at Pong's crib, huge 4 storey home which smells lush. After what seemed like forever at Bangkok immigration check point, we were greeted by this very cute man who was none other than Pong's daddy in his CRV. Spent hours shopping at Platinum before heading to Jusco for some grocery shopping where I got ingredients to whip up the perfect breakfast for everyone teehee, I'm still amused at the kitchen in this home!!! The stoves work so...differently. Honestly doesn't feel like I'm in Bangkok, maybe its because its just the first day and I wasn't being greeted by the familar scent of pink taxis and the stuffy air from the city but smiles from familar faces just happened to make my day. Got some great finds, which I got in pairs, one for myself and probably the other for sale. Might have them posted up on Buynaked when I can, they are very me so if you like what I wear, please keep a look out!!!! Hozzzzz got present for you. I think we are going to find the cute waitor tomorrow HAHAHA take care I send my luv.