(UPDATED: Hehe sorry I forgot to add one v important must visit place!!)

In this post, I will be assuming that your trip to destination: Bangkok, should take you no more than 5 days. You're going to have the time of your life eating and shopping, not much of the usual sight-seeing. Pack very lightly, even if you only bring one set of clothes with you its fine because you're bound to buy more. I always always go and return in my Havavianas, don't ever wear heels, wedges blahblahblah you're just going to kill yourself. TRUST ME U WILL DIE.And one pair of Havavianas is more than enough.

Begin your trip on a budget and that is... taking public transport to the airport. You save a hell lot on cab fares. But make sure the timing is convenient.

At the airport, make sure you have everything with you. Your itinerary, passport, blahblahblah. I always travel either on Jetstar or Airasia when it comes to budget airlines. Tiger airways in my opinion, sucks. And the best part is you don't head to Terminal 1... you head to the Budget terminal which is disgusting. You have to queue for at least half and hour before taking the stairs up the plane. Even in the rain...
Whereas Airasia & Jetstar gives you the privilege of Duty-Free shopping at terminal 1, they offer great deals when you book online plus you get leather seats which makes a huge difference when it comes to travelling in comfort.

Your flight to Bnagkok will take you no longer than 2 and a half hours. Buckle up your seat belts and have a safe flight! Don't forget to make friends on the plane.
Get yourself ready for the long wait at immigration in the Bangkok International Airport, they're pretty slow (sorry!). Last trip there: 45 minutes. Good luck!

STAY at The Ecotel, Bangkok. A new 3 star hotel located right in the heart of Bangkok, clean and cheap with reliable services. Rooms shouldn't go more than 70 sgd per night. Hotel is within walking distance to the ever-popular Platinum Fashion Mall , Pratunam Clothing Market and if you have the patience, Central World which is my favourite as you all know. Near sky train stations as well if you prefer public transport in Bangkok.

You will be greeted by friendly staff as you walk into the lobby, best budget hotel I've ever stayed in!

On your way to your room don't forget to slide along, tons of fun!! And if you stay on the 3rd floor, lucky for you! One of the male staff, didn't get his name but he made us feel very welcomed. And he owns a stall at Chatuchak too!!

During my stay, our package didn't come with breakfast which really isn't a problem at all if you prefer to save on that. Tons of food stalls located along the streets around the hotel. Our breakfast was pretty exciting, chicken wings right out from the barbecue for only 10 baht, deep fried banana fritters and mango with sticky rice in generous portions. Yummmmmm. You can easily spot the mango with sticky rice stall if you see the brown little poodle!

And girls, if you are bored staying in the hotel, there are salons offering hair, manicure and pedicure services for very cheap, I always get my hair coloured there.

It can get pretty dark around the hotel if you plan to take a walk out at night, I wouldn't suggest it. Furthest we went was 7/11 which was just a road away and we were already approached by weirdos and perverts so we devised a plan which would make us unnoticed and that was making ourselves look mental. We both put on the longest maxi dresses, wore our shades, tons of jewellery, hair in a mess, walked out of the hotel hand in hand and acted like insane women coming out from a disco. I'm not trying to say staying at the Ecotel is dangerous but still always be careful especially when you are in Thailand. If its late at night, take a cab back to the hotel and make sure you have company with you and all's good. I mean cmon, who hasn't heard of those tales about who and who getting kidnapped then arms and legs chopped off and sent to the streets to beg. Just be careful and you're safe!

If its a weekday, spend it at the Platinum Fashion Mall. Here you get to buy in either retail or wholesale prices. Wholesale prices tend to be cheaper but you need to buy out a minimum of 3 pieces for most shops. The good thing is you get to mix around and choose whatever designs you like. I would suggest shopping at Platinum before you head to Chatuchak because you might be able to get better deals there when you're paying wholesale prices and you also get a wider variety of colours and what not for a particular design. It will be harder to haggle prices there, wholesale prices are fixed.

NOTHING can beat the Chatuchak Weekend Market, with over 10,000 stalls, you'll never come out empty handed wherever you head to. Eat your heart out, meet all sorts of people, and shop till you drop! Get a map to find your way around the different sections. Those worth visiting are the pet, vintage and clothing sections. Bargain your way around to get the best deals, there is basically everything you need there. Don't forget to apply tons of sun-screen and bring a bottle of water with you. PLEASE don't ever bother to dress up there hahaha you'll be sweating like hell, your feet will get sore, you'd get dizzy from all the stalls.

Don't forget to try coconut ice cream!!! Should not be over 25 baht, some stalls serve them with fresh coconut juice. And food there is awesome, plus cheap, plus huge portions!!

For some night life, Khao San Road is the best place to be in. Its known as the Backpackers Trail, packed with countless budget guesthouses and hotels, internet cafes, restaurants, cafes, clubs, bars, travel agents, tattoo palours, market and food stalls, hair-braiding services. Khao San basically shows you can have fun anywhere. By night when the road is closed for traffic, its full of life with people partying and getting drunk, smoking, dancing, having the time of their lives. Need a fake id? They will do it for you, I've seen stalls offering such services. Check. Want to try something new? Try the streetside deep fried cockroaches, maggots, crickets, grasshoppers, worms.... and the list goes on.

Fav cafe there, the Sunset Bar. Eat their chicken wings!!!! We had 6 plates on the first night. Came up to be our most expensive meal because we wouldn't stop eating but it was worth every penny. To get there, just spot Starbucks and you'll see this alley which is the bar itself. Along the alley, you can get a fish spa or a tattoo.

My fav snack there would be the banana pancakes, they're actually prata with bananas and eggs in it then served with tons of sugar and condensed milk. Most sinful but the best shit ever.

Central World is the largest lifestyle shopping complex in Southeast Asia and has some of the best restaurants and is also every girl's paradise. From designer wear to high street fashion like Topshop, Zara and Dorothy Perkins to a massive Forever 21. If you're loving the F21 at 313 Somerset, the one here would be way better not really because of size (its just as huge but I wouldn't say 4 levels) but because you feel like you're in heaven. I guess the locals don't really shop there as much as we do so the store is almost empty and everything is neatly in place. Feel like Barneys NYC.

ZEN at Central World is a six level lifestyle trend megastore full of EVERYTHING. Best departmental store ever!!!!!!!!!!

The top 3 best Japanese restaurants in Thailand are Ootoya, Zen and Fuji. All available in Central World and other malls. Trust me you won't be disappointed. And whats more you're only paying a fraction of what you pay in Singapore for quality food.

At Gia-Long Cuisine, there are Thai, Malaysian, Vietnamese and Western cuisines to choose from and at very affordable prices. The decor is beautiful and I absolutely love it there, the staff there never fail to make you feel at home.
Gia Long Cuisine
6th Floor, Central World,
Tel: 0-2255-9654 / 0-2255-9656

Getting your way around Bangkok is easy. Get a cab! Love the pink taxis heehee. Or travel by sky train or tuk-tuk or the one man motorbike which I do not recommend. Basically, if you see men in orange vests hanging around in big groups, its them. You get a ride at the back of their motorbikes. They're licensed so yep, very very cheap though. Tuktuks tend to rip you off and the air in Bangkok is extremely stuffy from the busy streets so its pretty dirty. When you board a taxi, always remember to tell the driver you want to go on the meter, don't allow him to quote prices even if they sound cheap to you because they're ripping you off completely. And if they want to stop over at some jewellery store or blahblahblah so they can get a lunch coupon, get out of the cab!

Other places you may want to visit- sorry I've no pictures!!!

Suan Lum Night Bazaar- Its Bangkok's official night bazaar filled with everything U HYV TO GO THERE shopping is awesome, I love the vintage shops there! However, things there are more expensive but still great buys I must say!!!

Siam Square- full of local designers and branded goods, very interesting to shop there. I love thai designers and the stores are so nice to look at, they're so creative.

Siam Paragon, The Emporium- Mall full of Branded goods starting from Valentino and Dolce & Gabbana. Think.. a glossy magazine coming to life! Oh and Siam Ocean World is located at the basement of Siam Paragon shopping mall. One of the world's leading aquarium operators. You can also catch the fourth 'D' at SANYO 4D-Xventure which is Thailand's first World Class 4D theatre.

MBK- Honestly I find it very boring there. Hahah but you can get electronics and fake designer goods there!

PATPONG- Bangkok's entertainment and red light district. Geylang!!!!!!! Hahah you will see tons of topless women dancing in poles, trannies blahblahblah. Food there is very good too. Some establishments advertising "massages" are in fact disguised brothels so lookout! The Pat Pong Night Market so filled with souvenirs, pornographic dvds, vulgar clothing and what not.

Chinatown- v. good and cheap chinese food!!! Think bird's nest, shark's fin, tiger prawns... all for a quarter for what you're paying here in Sg! And they speak mandarin :)

Dream World- Theme Park slightly outside of Bangkok if I remember correctly, plenty of thriller rides and such. Very fun!

Safari World- Animal & Leisure Park! You can to drive through the Safari Park like you're in Africa, the tiger and lion feeding show is NOT TO BE MISSED. I remember seeing this human in a cage with buckets of meat then having the tigers crawl all over the cage while the guy feeds them. Tons of stunt shows as well. Extremely enjoyable!!!

If you're bored: get a hair wash at a salon, do manicure & pedicure, thai massage, facial, or catch a movie! Play in the arcades, watch an Ah Gua show.... so little time so much to do!

DO NOT EVER allow them to rip you off, the minute they know you're not a local, they can immediately jerk up prices. Its always great having a local with you who can help you out with all the haggling. Or flirt around abit ha ha you can get great discounts too!!

THAIS are generally very friendly, be nice to them and they're ncie to you. After all, Thailand is known as the Land of Smiles. Speak basic english and they can understand!! Or you can begin with a simple Sawadikaaaa or Sawadikuppppp for hello and Kapkunka or Kapkunkapppp (however its spelt) for thank you. Well, thats all I can give you, I hope this guide helps!!!!!!!! ENJOY. Feel free to ask if you've any enquiries!!!!