What are your plans for the future? School? Work? Travel?
Enjoy life while I can. Do well in school. Work as much and make a ton of money. Travel as much as I can!

Do you feel outcasted in Secondary School? How did you do for your 'O' levels? How do you feel about your results?
I have to admit, secondary school wasn't always easy. I was depressed for the first 2 years there and was going in out out of the counseling room between lessons. I didn't know how I could fit in, I felt very different. I got better along the way of course. Thanks to great friends. But I was constantly teased about many things. Like for example, a whole class could point at me and shout out my name when I walked past and burst into laughter. Because... I look like a cat. I look very oriental to them thanks to my eyes. They love doing the slant - eye pose at me. I didn't do very well for my 'O' levels but I'm more than satisfied. I have great friends from school whom I love very much though.

Who is your best friend?
Hosanna. I have the most amazing friends and I love each and every one of them with all my heart.

How did you and Hosanna meet?
We met a few years ago, I got to know her through her brother. We started talking alot, hanging out and exchanging clothes and have been so close ever since. We do the most insane things together and I thank God everyday for her.

What is your favourite food?
There is simply too many! I cannot decide. Cereal prawns? Chicken? Pizza? Meatballs? Ramen? Rice? I'm a rice bucket ha ha. Steak? Ah sorry, even my dad is shocked with the amount of food I digest and how I can spend 2 hours talking about nothing else but food.

If you had to make a choice of eating only one kind of food for the rest of your life, what would it be?
DIFFICULT QUESTION! I have seriously no idea. This isn't a kind of food but a buffet spread for the rest of my life would be perfect.

What do you like to bake?
Muffins, cookies, cheesecake, cupcakes.

Where are you working now and what school are you heading to?
Ztamp @ Far East plaza and I will be heading to Lasalle.

If you were given a second chance in life, would you re-do everything you have done in life?
Probably yes, I've made too many mistakes in the past but then again, without those mistakes I wouldn't be where I am today with the people I love.

Do you live and trust in God?

What church do you go to?
Mount Calvary Baptist Church.

How long did it take for you to grow your hair to its current length from your short hair?
Took me about slightly over a year? Didn't bear to have my hair trimmed at the hairdresser's so I would ask friends to just snip off a centimetre of my hair now and then to make it grow faster. Hair growth shampoo didn't really work.

How tall are you?
Not tall at all! 163.5 centimeters. Thats why I love high shoes :)

Who is your fashion inspiration?
Twiggy. Audrey Hepburn. Kate Moss. Natasha Poly. Several bloggers. TOO MANY TO NAME!

Who or what inspires you?
Pictures mainly. But everything inspires me. Anything that makes me smile inspire me.

What is your favourite item in your wardrobe?
My new clutch and suede wedges! Will take clearer pics soon :)

Where do you normally get your clothes from?
Bangkok. Small boutiques. High street labels like Topshop and Zara. And basically anything that catches my eye and is within my affordability shall be mine.

If you had a chance which brand would you model for and why?
Vivienne Westwood, she's a bunch of fun :) Alexander Wang because he is simply amazing. Marc Jacobs because he is a genius. But I love photoshoots that look fun the best.

Do you use makeup? What are your usual make up routines?
Of course I do. My eyes are awfully small. I'm a lazy person so I just dab foundation all over my face, followed by MAC eyeshadow for smokey eyes. Or I use Bobbi Brown for gel liner. Then I put some blusher is I remember to. I hardly use mascara or falsies nowadays because removing make up is such a hassle. And I'm done and ready to go in ten minutes!

Can I know if you wear contact lenses to overseas when you travel?
YES. Because I am so vain ha ha. In the past, I wouldn't wear my contacts on flights but after surviving flying from Orlando to NYC then being stuck at the JFK airport there for a couple of hours before flying 12 hours for a stopover at Frankfurt for an hour and another 8 hours to Spore. THEN the next 12 hours wide awake WITH MY CONTACTS ON throughout the entire time ( you do the math! )I have since been flying everywhere with my contacts on ha ha but I love my specs now so I wear them whenever I feel lazy :)

Have you ever made any mistakes that up till now, you're still haunted by it or you're still feeling the heavy regret?
Without a doubt, yes.

Do you ever wish you have more friends? Or not to spend so much mo
ney on fashion? Be a better person?
All the time. I'm happy with my friends although I'm sure we all go through the whole 'I feel unloved and lonely' phase.

What is one thing you want MOST in your life right now?
I really don't know. I need time to think about this and I'm not trying to sound selfish or whatsoever.

What will truly make you happy? (Other than shuz)

I have again, no idea.

Consider any imperfections in regards to your body and face? Any thoughts on any aesthetic changes? Have you ever thought you are not beautiful/ wish you were beautiful in any way?
Definitely. I believe that God makes us each of us special in our own way and we are His creations but I can never deny I wish I had a sharper nose and bigger eyes.

What do you think of rabbits?
They are adorable, especially those fluffy ones.

What is one thing you're very in love with now?
HMMMMM! My leopard nails Dez painted for me :)

I hope this Q&A has allowed you to know more about me!