Here are some of my favourite responses to my shoe giveaway:

I dont know whether this counts as a christmas gift.
But my parents are divorced and i have since lived with my aunt. parents are both individually staying overseas, so every year i dont get to spend christmas with them at all.
Its been like this for 5 years.
This year im really happy and excited!! My mom and dad are going to visit me here in singapore, and both of them are going to have a christmas dinner with me!
I know everyone might think whats so special about a dinner with parents?
(you might know how i feel since you come from a single family too!)
They dont understand that such chances dont come easily for me!
No matter what i hope they really turn up together for the dinner, even though i know there's no chance of reconcile. But im just happy if the 3 of us can just sit down and have a cozy dinner as a "family" -Karlia

Hi melody, my grandfather has been in coma for months before christmas, and i have always been praying to God for him to be okay and wake up! Surprisingly, last christmas he woke up and I was so shocked and touched because I believe God is always around us. I guess this is his very special christmas gift to me -Dionne

Last year, 25th december i was having a bad day, because i'd just lost my phone a few days before and on that very day i lost my ez-link card.
i was chasing a bus, and with a very kind driver i managed to climb on panting. To realise i didn't ANY change with me but a stash of $10 notes.
i asked around the front of the bus desperately, because the driver had already started to move. no one budged, no one really bothered to even check their purse or anything, then this little boy whom i didn't even approach, asked "how much ah" before he walked towards the little box. his hand fleeted across the opening and i heard the jangling of coins, then he came back and said 'merry christmas'- S

A small little mentos from a little boy on the street on Christmas last yr!
He said that I looked glum so the mentos will cheer me up! So sweet! "The most precious gift in this world is from a child." - Xiomara

My best present ever was from a little girl on the street who gave me her red balloon when she saw that i was having a bad day. - Jackie

The most special gift I've ever received for Christmas would be from my boyfriend. Well you see, he's got sucha long plus curly hair and I'm always irritated by the look of it (HAHA i know im a bad gf!) So last Christmas, he surprised me with a new haircut and a box.. And in the box, there lay tons of hair strands from him.. It's disgusting yea sort of but heh, it's kinda sweet of him to do that. And if I were to win this pair of lovely booties.. It'll sure remind me about him all the time Looking forward for the winner anyways! -Eatthemballz
(I have to admit I was abit freaked out by your gift because I would never want to have a box of hair kept in my room but your comment really made me laugh and I thought it was really sweet of your boyfriend to do that for you)

A hug from my friend was the best christmas gift I've ever had. This friend of mine have drifted alot away from me for the past few months and finally after the end of year examinations, we finally tried to sort out misunderstandings, and on christmas, I gave her a pair of ear studs whereas she didn't bought anything for me but gave me a hug. It wasn't something big but to me, I felt like I was the luckiest girl on earth. And so, that makes my best x'mas gift! :D -Apyh

Heya Melody. The best xmas gift i've ever received was my dad. Hah, no I'm joking. Dad was kind enough to actually spend x'mas with me because He has been bz flying off and on mainland for the past 5 years. Really had no quality time with Daddykin. Was really glad that we had a good xmas dinner, cheap $1 icecream by the road.. beer and whatever daughters do with their bestest dad! -Howard

my best Christmas gift, besides God being born himself was last year. My brother is in the military and toured in japan for 4 years right after highschool, so we never got to spend holidays together. Last year he tried to surprise us by coming here for Christmas. He didn't succed because he got into a car crash on the way to Chicago from Virginia. He came out without scratches, but it was the though that counts right. Anyway that Christmas he gave me an iPod touch, that I love and hold very dearly. Because besides fashion music is my life. I hold everything important in my life on this. I honestly would be lost without it. -Rochelle Wilson

The most special gift I've ever received was definitely from my babysitter when I was 14 years old.We've never celebrated Christmas there before so we thought we'd give it a try.And since they're malays,we want to spread the Christmas joy to them even more.My babysitter,her name is Ani,she gave me a compilation of photos from my time spent there under their roof.It was the sweetest thing ever.We live in both ends of Singapore so we hardly meet.Like once every year.But everytime when I visit,she'll hug me and kiss my hand(malay tradition) and we'd just talk about our lives.Unfortunately,the last time I visited her which was in February she told me that 2 of her sons(I call them abang and blackie) left home and never even said a single goodbye.That is why I dug out the photos which they're now on my whiteboard looking back at me every single day. -Aly

The small things always count the most in life. I'd like to start my discussion with that very premise. Connectively, among all of the countless gifts I've ever received during Christmas, the one which touched me the most was a simple card given to me by my crush last Christmas (really unexpected because I always thought that he wouldn't ever pay attention to me). He wrote me a simple poem in that very card - a poem which tried to detail the very essence of my pyramid-like personality. I was deeply moved upon reading the literary contents of that touching and sensitive work of poetry which he so wrote for me, because I never expected him to know me that much, considering that every time we talk with each other, we simply pull and push in sarcastic jokes and philosophical remarks that tend to hit us both through the nerves. That gift alone, made me feel more human (although I love the other gifts I've received, too), since it had an entirely special sentimental value that means so, so much to me. I really cried upon reading his poem that day; and every time that I do so (up until now), I still feel like crying.The most special gift?
It has got to be love. Nothing compares to it. -Rose

And the winner:

hi there, the most special gift I have ever recieved wasnt really a gift in ribbons and wrap. It was a gift that is from my bestie, making things up with my her. We had a big fight, stop contacts for a year and we bumped into each other on christmas eve, she gave me a hug after an awkward minute of staring, we apologised and things were good again.i'm thankful she made the first move or we would
never be what we are now. I love my bestie and if i ever win this pair of shoes, im sharing them with her.we have the same shoe size. thanks melody

Because I know what it is like to be able to share everything with a best friend and then one day, everything is lost and she's completely cut out from your life. And I'm very happy that you and your best friend were able to sort things out again. And happy sharing the booties luv!

THANK YOU everyone again for your responses, it was a very tough decision. I may not be in the position to comment about nearly losing someone especially when it comes to death or having something that happened that completely changed you whether in a good or bad way but I guess its life and we can only expect the unexpected. And being able to share a memory with someone is also something unforgettable. I feel bad not having picked some of the entires because they really touched my heart while I have also a few other favourites which I never posted here but still, I would like to thank you for taking the time to share with me what your best gift was so I'd be giving away small little random gifts or cards to those few (Don't expect much!). Do check your inboxes in abit! And I'd also like to mention that this giveaway has given me the opportunity to know how blessed I am and how I should enevr take anything or anyone for granted. I wish all of you with all my heart that you have a smooth 2010 ahead of you :)