Burn Me Down.

Highwaisted denims from Cheap Monday, Vest from my aunt, wedges from H&M

Apparently not the best photos but I really had to share with you guys this studded vest I'm absolutely in love with at the moment. I can see myself basically living in it for quite some time. My feet are worn out...to death. Can't remember the last time I stepped into anything below 4 inches. And to think.... I walk around shoes that high for about 8 and a half hours in the shop, an hour on my way there and... probably another hour home. Should I add I love to walk 3 bus stops away from where I'm working in hopes to get a seat simply because I refuse to take a train home? If I'm not lucky, guess that means standing throughout the entire ride. Such is life. Honestly cannot see myself like that for the next 6 months, I can probably die. The only thing keeping me sane when I'm working are friends who bother to make a trip down to sit with me and chit-chat with me in the shop, and maybe a book when I feel like it.... cute customers who make your day. And ah how could I ever forget, FOOD! With just a phone call, I can have everything to suit my cravings. Only issue is, it takes up hours of my pay ha ha. Oh well, like I said, such is life. Sorry about the rant.

Absolutely cannot wait to sink my teeth into the best meatballs in town with Hosanna tomorrow, I have to admit its nice making friends with waiters. All the extra portions, free drinks and staff discounts just me me salivate. Makes you want to come back for more. Though some can really start to scare the hell out of you (HA HA). Anyway, I got my new camera today, and the new lenses I got last week have been treating me well enough so far. Hopefully be able to test it all out properly tomorrow and do a proper post! Nighty!