Everything bought overseas.

My favourite cardigan to date, don't know how I can ever live without it. Leopard prints are a staple in my wardrobe I swear to God ha ha. Oh and these are the new suede wedges I was telling you guys about in my Q&A. Have quite a to-do list to fulfill, ugh :( I hate being lazy. And damn, I miss those meatballs already. Anyway, took the above shots with my new camera. What do you think? My photoshop is being a total headache so I just did these in black and white to save myself for abit. Dead beat but can I just mention how much I loved today? Ha ha those shoes we saw are calling out to us Hosanna ~ Three hundred dollars for something that doesn't even balance right? Gahhhhh shall dream of them tonight. Wish me luck! (That I don't drool in my sleep ha ha)