1) was one of those lazy Saturdays where I would just plop on a grey loose tee shirt, put on my specs and I'm ready to go
2) I got to strike off some items in my lists
3) and one of which was whipping up egg in a toast topped with melted cheese and streaky bacon, yum!
4) I had fresh banana flavored ice cream with waffles @ Island Creamery
5) I added more into my collection of kitty photographs
6) I watched my aunts learn from their hilarious pals how to dance Indian in one of the most amazingly decorated homes I've ever stepped into, and watched all the quirky adults rehearse their "Bollywood Fairies" item over and over for The Party while enjoying a fantastic home-cooked indian feast. Was so good that I saw myself secretly hiding in the kitchen poking on chicken curry way past dessert time. I have never felt so warmly welcomed in a stranger's home and will never forget the curry. Hair smelt full of cigarettes and wine thereafter.
7) we spoke of destiny and love and I learnt about how a homeless and jobless distant relative could be so happy with his freedom of being able to travel around Singapore on a bike, pitching a tent by the beach when night came or sleeping along corridors, spending hot days in the library reading or in the public pool swimming and just enjoying his own company exploring and now I think of how much I have and yet, I can never be contented. And how little things make so much of a difference to somebody.
8) I am tired just thinking about how long my day is going to be tomorrow. Goodnight.